3 Rail Wood Fence Designs Perfect For Your Home

3 Rail Wood Fence Ranch

Ask any fencing company to name their most popular wood fence designs sold from year to year and almost all of them will tell you that it’s a wood fence.  Consumers love the aesthetic appeal that wood fence ideas create next to a beautifully manicured garden. Or the privacy it offers when you want to enjoy the outdoors unobserved. 3 rail wood fence ideas also afford homeowners great flexibility in that they come in a variety of designs and styles. That you can augment with various stains and finishes creating your perfect outdoor environment.

A 3 rail wood fence is the most common type of fence we install.  It has a classic, traditional farm look that adds polish and warmth to any property. Some a three rail pole fence (sometimes called Western Rail fencing) has a long lifetime. Because of the durability of the lodge pole pine wood. This strong wood is treated to withstand hot and cold climates. You’re going to be proud of the beautiful, uniform look of your three rail wood fence that is free of blemishes and defects. A three rail pole fence has a classic, timeless look to add polish to your farm or property.

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Paddock fences make use of 5 and sometimes also 3 rail wood fence horizontal flat boards. And are constructed with either southern yellow pine or western red cedar attached to pressure-treated posts. Estate fences are highly similar to paddock fences. Except that instead of using horizontal boards between 2 posts, 2 of the boards are overlapped on the diagonal to form a crisscross design. That’s giving you an overall more elegant and visually complex look. Paddock and estate wooden fence ideas are famous among horse and dog owners are highly cost efficient. Since they use fewer materials than other types of fence.

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