Advantages And Disadvantages Of Led Outdoor Flood Lights

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Led Outdoor Flood Lights – LED Floodlights are a type of spotlight fixture that offers to light in large areas such as yard, square, stadium, stage or other vast locations. Once in a while, metal halide and high-pressure sodium are usually use for spotlight sources. Light Emitting Diode was introduce to this area recently due to the rapid development of LED manufacture and packaging. Compared to conventional lighting sources, LEDs have an unprecedented advantage that accommodates energy saving needs and reduces maintenance.

This article will explain the advantages led outdoor flood lights in detail and some losses will also be mentioned for your quick reference. LED Spotlight, no matter which lights or integrated fixtures are compatible with standard flood lights or equipment. This means you can buy LED flood lights and install it in minutes. Or if you want to use LED flood light fixtures, you just have to remove old fixtures and replace them with new ones. They do not produce too much heat. Due to the lighting mechanism, LEDs do not have IR radiation, which raises the ambient temperature rapidly. That means less cost for air conditioning. In addition, no harmful UV radiation and body fixtures remain at an acceptable temperature due to the high efficiency of LEDs.

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As mentioned above, LEDs are the most efficient lighting source than conventional or high-sodium metal halides. Lumen records per watt are often in laboratories around the world. And LEDs in mass production can reach about 90 ~ 100 lumens per watt. Values have surpassed HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) and Metal halide, which is the most efficient light source ever. The long life cycle is the most remarkable advantage of LED lighting. The life of the LED is approximately 50,000 hours, which is the period from the initial lumen output of 100% to 50%. The lifespan is 10 ~ 50 times that of traditional lighting sources. In addition, LED spotlights to use chips that are coupled with dozens of single LEDs or integrated high power producers. There is no impact on the function if one or more light units are on fire. That’s the article about led outdoor flood lights.

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