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Outdoor fences – An interesting effect for small patios is to use the same material for the wooden deck as for the fence. A visual continuity is achieved that allows us to feel that the space is wider than it really is. The open fences in addition to having a classic and romantic style. Its llow you to use them as support for climbing plants that bring freshness and shade to your patio. The charm of the interlaced fences can also be use to create flower beds that give color and life to your fence. Rural inspiration with a very simple open wooden boat. But that combines beautifully with the rustic atmosphere of this patio.

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As soon as you see it, it makes you want to go out and enjoy the sun. The white fences are a classic synonym of charming house. And a very good option for the fence of your garden. The outdoor fences are one of the many ways to give new life to the patio. And start preparing it for the hot months. Similarly, wood cross panels can be more economical than a cement fence. And another great advantage is that they let natural light that illuminates your outdoor area. Another option as a wall covering for your wall. Especially if you want to cover an ugly wall.

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Or give a new twist to your space is to use a climbing plant whether they are natural. And have the patience to see them grow or prefer artificial low maintenance and a lot of sight. A thin wire fence can be the solution for a very open property since it is almost impossible. But it takes care of the intruders. If you want to increase the level of security of your yard without growing the outdoor fences you can choose to add some mesh over the wall. So you will gain height and privacy without the cost of building.

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