Different Types Of Metal Wire Fence

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Metal wire fence – It is possible that the protection of a house depends in good part on the fences or fences that surround it. More than anything in single-family homes it is common for these systems to be place outside to prevent outsiders from accessing. Or, simply, to create a more intimate environment when the house has a garden. As mentioned above, there are different types of fencing and a correct choice will depend on the needs of the case. The most traditional fences are compose of vertical wooden boards that end in a peak or a rounded tip.

These wooden fences fulfill a decorative function. As they are easier to tear down. The level of security of the fences will depend on the height of the boards. So sometimes this system is reinforced with a concrete wall that is place in the lower part. The boards are anchored in the concrete. The anchoring system must support the dimensions and weight of the fence well. The use of wood and metal wire fence achieves a very popular natural finish. However, it is advisable that the wood be subject to treatments that protect it against the effects of the sun, humidity and termites.

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Pet fences are an electronic system designed to keep a dog. Or other pet within a predefined limit without making use of a physical barrier. The pet wears a collar that emits a warning sound when the pet approaches the limit. If the pet ignores the warning and crosses beyond the fence’s boundaries, it receives a slight electric shock to the neck. The pet soon learns to avoid approaching the limits and in this way a virtual barrier is obtained sufficiently effective. Animals (including humans) that do not wear the collar are not affected by defined limits. Pet metal wire fence in cost analysis have proven to be much cheaper and more aesthetic than physical fences.

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