How To Install Vinyl Picket Fence Panels Steps

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Vinyl Picket Fence Panels – Vinyl fencing is typically a less expensive alternative to standard picket fencing. Vinyl fencing often comes in pre-made sections, or panels, which quick and easier to install than their wooden counterparts. Routine maintenance for vinyl fencing is also much less hassle since it can simply be hosed with water and cleaned with an old rag. Once you find the design of the vinyl panel that you like, you can probably install the entire vinyl fence in just a couple of days. Purchase poles that are two feet longer than you want them to come out of the ground.

Mark outside the vinyl picket fence panels line. Place a wooden stake every eight feet to mark the positions of the fence posts. Use a tape measure to tabulate the total number of fence posts and panels you need. Dig a hole that is 30 inches deep at each location marked by a wooden stake, using hole diggers. Measure from the bottom of the hole at the top with your measuring tape to make sure it is deep enough. Fill each inlet hole with six inches of gravel. This will prevent messages from sinking into the ground and help drain rainwater. Measure the distance from the top of the gravel to the top of the hole.

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Adjust one of the end posts first. Pour enough quick drying cement into the hole to fill it 3/4 of the way. Fill the rest of the hole in the excess soil. Tie a rope to one of the end posts, and then tie the other end of the rope to the other end column. Set and level one of the remaining positions. Check and make sure the post is in line and touch the string. Attach the support rails for each of the vinyl fence posts with the screws provided. Slide the vinyl fence panels into the brackets and into place. Screw the panels to the brackets. Apply a vinyl adhesive ring all over the inside of each fence cap post. Place each cap on a fence post and push down to fix. Make sure you do not cover the post until after installing the vinyl picket fence panels.

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