Metal Fence Panels On A Retaining Wall

Modern Metal Fence Panels

Metal fence panels can provide a measure of security for your home, providing an attractive barrier around your yard. In most cases, the metal fence panels are secured by placing the fence posts inside the concrete-filled holes in the floor. If you have a concrete retaining wall along your property line, however, this may not be possible. Instead, you have to install the fence on top of the wall. Build metal fence panels on a retaining wall. Make marks on the top of the retaining wall to mark the location of the fence posts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the separation of the posts.

Then for build metal fence panels on a retaining wall, drill a hole 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep into the retaining wall at each mark with a base drill. You can rent a base drill from a rental equipment business.  Insert a fence post into the first hole. Place the hydraulic grout in the hole around the post until it is halfway full. Check the message back to lead, and then allow the grout to be set for the time specified on the package. Remove any shims you have made in the hole, and finish filling with grout. Set the rest of the messages on the wall, using the same process. And allow the nozzle to settle for the time specified in the package.

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Installation of the metal fence panels to the posts. The panels are manufactured to replicate wrought iron fences, with the advantage of being lighter and cheaper than wrought iron. Fence panels are available in a variety of designs, and can be found at a home improvement store, or at companies that sell fencing and related products. The exact installation process varies by model and manufacturer, so read the instructions provided with the fence. However, they are often included in parentheses with the fence used to connect the rails on the fence panels to the posts.

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