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Outdoor Led Strip Lights RGB

Outdoor Led Strip Lights – LED ribbons and headbands are both fun and useful. They integrate within the house, for lighting or decoration. Their installation is easy, but some explanations are however necessary to not to make odd and to have a final rendering corresponding to what one hopes for. Installing LED strips is very simple. The tape has a strong sticker and can be attach to all types of media. Beware of dusty substrates that must be clean before gluing the tape. Before gluing the tape, make a “blank” connection to check that it is working properly: once it is glue, the tape will be difficult to remove.

Turn off the power for any 230V connection. On the other hand, the tape operating in 12 or 24V, it can be handle without danger. So you can do a test before sticking to position it in the best place with the ribbon on. But be careful not to pull the 230V wires during this operation. To adapt your ribbon to your installation, it is possible to cut it simply with scissors. You can cut a ribbon, add a thread, and continue further with the rest of the cut piece. It is easy to make assemblies, even complex, with an outdoor led strip lights cut.

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All LED ribbons are cutable, but we cannot cut them anywhere: we have to refer to the technical descriptions of the LED ribbons to know this distance which varies according to the ribbons. In general, ribbons can be cut every 3 LEDs for 12V ribbons and all 6 or 7 LEDs for 24V ribbons. For better comfort, avoid directing the outdoor led strip lights directly to the eyes. It’s not dangerous, but it’s not very pleasant visually. The perceived visual intensity depends on the editing you will perform and the color temperature (for white ribbons). It is possible to connect your ribbons in series or in parallel to a special LED power supply with 12V or 24V (DC) output.

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