Outdoor Lighted Palm Tree Decorations

String Outdoor Lighted Palm Tree

The Washington palm tree is one of the most popular street palms we see at lining the sidewalks in tropical climates. During the course of its life, a healthy Washington palm tree can grow between 60 and 80 feet tall, and as wide as 15 feet. These tall trees are an important, impressive element of landscape design. The addition of vertical lighting emphasizes its beauty and presence even more. What is more important is that the lighting is placed at the base of the tree, and not on the tree itself. The placement of vertical lighting at the base of outdoor lighted palm tree carries out its size and stature without damaging the tree in any way.

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The number of flood lights you use at outdoor lighted palm tree depends on the size of the tree. As a general rule two or three flood lights should be sufficient. And for the step by step installation, start with place the flood lights evenly around the tree. Stick to the play / flood light on the ground, making sure that the flood light is focused towards the top of the tree. Step two; determine if you need to run an extension cord for the flood lights. If the tree is very close to the outdoor outlet you do not need an extension cord.

If you need an extension cord, run it from the exit of the flood lights. And connect the flood lights to the extension cord. Step three; connect the flood lights or the extension cord to the outdoor light timer. And connect the outdoor timer to the outdoor electrical outlet. Step four, test the lights to make sure everyone outdoor lighted palm tree is working, and then adjust the timer. See the lights during the evening hours to see the effect they create on your landscape design. Note, things you will need: Flood lights – 100 Watt, earth stakes flood light, outdoor extension cord and outdoor light timer.

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