Outdoor Lighting Transformer For LED Lights

Outdoor Lighting Transformer Troubleshooting

Outdoor Lighting Transformer – A light-emitting diode (LED) is a type of semiconductor light source arrange for various applications. LED lighting is popularly arrange in small and portable light sources, and also in a variety of large-scale light needs. It is possible to combine a series of small LED lights to create a much stronger light source. This light system is use practically in lanterns, garden lights and even in commercial lights. The LED light has a compact size. So, it is easy-to-integrate components for various applications, longer lifespan than incandescent light sources, increase robustness and low power consumption. In most cases, this type of lighting needs a transformer to regulate the electrical current it needs for its power source. To maintain a long life for an LED light, the diodes need to have a well regulated voltage. And an energy source coming from the correct type of transformer.

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There are two different types of LED lights available: high voltage LED and low voltage LED. A high-voltage LED is commonly connect to conventional light without the need for a transformer. While a low voltage LED requires a transformer to operate. This outdoor lighting transformer is usually built into the LED device or simply insert into the connectors of an LED device. A magnetic transformer is often use for LED lights, due to its reliability and compatibility with LED light systems.

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For LED portable lights low voltage LED transformers are arrange. For larger LED lights, such as garden lights, larger LED transformers are in need. These are box-shaped or ring-shaped devices, which can be located anywhere within the vicinity of the LED light. To keep them from being obvious, many of them come in weather-resistant black boxes. When use it as outdoor lighting transformer, they are often hide around buildings, fences, walls, decks, and sometimes even in manholes. Some also prefer to use a transformer that can be hide, which allows the transformer to be hide underground.