Placed Lattice Fence Panels To Protect The Privacy

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Lattice fence panels are really very decorative architectural elements; it is an openwork surface that can be made of different materials, as you will see in this book of ideas. The lattice windows are use to close spaces. Such as window openings, as is find in Hispano-Muslim architecture where artistic lattices are very popular. The appearance of a lattice can vary a lot. Depending on the material, the place where it is. And the purpose for which it has been place in a building. Usually in the windows or balconies it has been place to protect the privacy. It prevents from being seen from outside, but it allows to receive light and ventilation.

For climate control they are located and designed depending on the incidence of solar rays on the façade. In decoration, as we will see in this book idea. The lattice fence panels are a design motif in the style of a room. This latticework of metal, of industrial style, in this facade is an example of the wide range of lattices that flood modern architecture. Its glass panels, in shades of green, design this facade with the rhythm and color required by this industrial style. To give a new connotation to this type of design, defined by sobriety.

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The metal lattices can be place inside, separating room spaces, delimiting different functions. Or as in this image to enrich the facade of a house. At the entrance of a building you want to define an access. But give it some privacy. The lattice fence panels placed more sober in black. In addition to being an object of decoration, defines the circulation with its presence. An enclosing lattice. This simple house, it becomes really great, with the way they resolved their climate protection. An enclosing lattice of the construction. It allows the entry of light and ventilation. But protects the entire house from direct sunlight. Where the temperatures are extreme, the lattices help to balance it.

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