Wire Fence Panels Types

Wire Fence Panels Rolls

There are different types of metal fences. Each of them has peculiar characteristics and has been designed to express itself at best in certain contexts of use. Loose knit nets can knotted or twisted (simple or triple). These are typically flexible networks, recommended for irregular terrain or slopes and gradients. It can also  installed on low walls and flat land. Its use is mainly aimed at the fence of agricultural land and farms. Of course, the processing, diameter and coating of the wire fence panels strongly influence the performance of loose knit nets in terms of safety. Also strength and durability over time.

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Welding of wires ensures these networks high levels of resistance and safety. They are suitable for installation in flat areas and in combination with a concrete wall. Their rigidity makes installation in steep or wooded areas difficult. Wire fence panels mesh in rolls; it can knitted loose or electro-welded. And the characterize is the wires with a diameter that typically ranges from 2 to 3.5 mm. Such as to allow the net to wound on itself. The rolls typically have a length of 25, 50 or 100 meters. The electro-welded metal fences are commercially available in many variations and sizes.

The diameter of the wires may vary depending on the model and the coating is in PVC or zinc. Some specific types of network are also available in rolls of 10 meters. So as to meet even those who need a few meters of network. The nets in rolls are also available in different heights. From 60 cm to 2.5 meters and above. Naturally, during the installation phase it will be necessary to cut the network on the basis of the defined project. In the fact, each type of wire fence panels mesh reflects specific features. As each model design is specifically for certain circumstances.

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