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Fence ideas – With just a can of paint and an afternoon of work you can turn the fence of your garden into an extraordinary mural in which you can capture what you most want. Do not be afraid of your artistic abilities. And throw yourself into this challenge. if you are a bird lover this idea is for you. Build or buy some wooden houses for birds. And paint them in some striking colors. The result will be a wonderful fence from which animals and people can enjoy.  To achieve this amazing look you just have to drill a little hole in the fence. And fill in the holes with the marbles that you like the most.

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If you see yourself with capacity and with the necessary desire you can try to recreate the landscape that you like best in the fence ideas of your garden. In this way, every time you go outside you will see your favorite landscape in front of you. This person decided to build a fence with all the parasols that he was finding out there. Adding a few ornaments we can get an original fence that protects our home while allowing us to regulate the amount of light we want at any time. If you prefer some more minimalist idea to customize the fence of your garden this idea comes to you as a glove.

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You know you have original fence ideas when the local newspaper publishes a story about it. This is exactly what happened to Curtis Fesser after building these amazing butterflies from some scrap metal and copper wire. The idea of ​​using vertical gardens is an easy way to add a touch of color and life to a boring fence. I wonder how these plants will be water …If the previous idea did not convince you, you can make the pots by yourself using some canning cans. All the details you need to know in order to carry out this project can be find here.

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