Wooden Bench Design For Outdoor Patio

Good Wooden Bench Design

Wooden bench design – If you are in need of more space to sit or just a place to set some pretty flower pots in your yard, consider a simple wooden bench. If you feel comfortable with a hand saw and drill, this banking project is very easy to complete. Finishing the bank adds character and protection against the elements. In cold climates, store the bank indoors during the winter months. ideas for build wooden bench design for outdoor patio, cut twelve pieces of wood 1 by 3 inches to measure 16 inches long each. Then glue three of the 16-inch pieces together to form a thicker piece of lumber. Rip cut the piece so that it is 2 inches wide by 2 inches thick.

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Then for build wooden bench design for outdoor patio, cut two pieces of wood more than 1 by 3 inches to measure 12 inches long. These are the lateral support tables. Then place 3 of the legs parallel to each other and 12 inches apart. Place one of the side support plates in the middle. Position both legs to the side stand using wood screws. This is a lateral structure. And then cut two long 1 by 3 inch wooden rails to measure 43 inches long. Set the side sets on the legs, with the side supports on the top, 43 inches apart from each other.

Cut three 16-inch long boards of 1 by 3 inch wood. These are the central supports. Place one of the boards through the bench in the middle of the two long sides in the center of the board. Then for build wooden bench design for outdoor patio, cut six measuring strips 47 inches long, 1 by 3 inches wood. Space the seat slats evenly across the bench parallel to the long strips. Add a little glue on the rod end 3/8 inch. Stick the rod into one of the screw holes made. Then cut the rod out, flush with the wood with a hand saw. Spread a uniform layer of wood stain across the bench using a brush. Let the stain dry completely.

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