Wooden Farm Fence Ideas

Solid Farm Fence Ideas

Farm Fence Ideas are available in a variety of styles and materials, so when you face what to choose, you may feel unsure of your options. I, pine, cypress and cedar are four types of wood that are often used in the construction of wooden roofs. You have a choice to make, but in terms of whether your fence will serve an elegant purpose, a more functional one or even a combination of both. This type of fence uses either high dog fence strikers or wooden rods aligned in a vertical pattern without spaces between each fence on board. The mall is another type of practical wood fence that includes thin wooden rails in a cross.

Choose a style to match Home Design

Matching home design or landscaping is sometimes the best way to come up with Farm Fence Ideas. For example, if your home has a rural type of feel or if you have beautiful flowers and plants patterned after English gardens, a fence would be a fitting choice. The goal is to showcase the home and the farm, and a fence of short canine wood piles or strikers with sculpted ends are just some pixel style fencing options.  Split-rail fence consists of wooden posts placed a certain distance from each other with horizontal rails connecting each post together. This pattern gives some privacy while the light penetrates.

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Blend appearance and functionality

It is possible to have a nice Farm Fence Ideas that also serves a practical purpose. You can create a toothed or rounded look with your solid palisade fence by cutting out these shapes from the top of the discs. Or, you can build a shorter rosewood fence and construct a grid frame to install at the top. Instead of a split rail fence with horizontal rails, you can create an “X” pattern with the rails from one fence pole to another. Sculpted wooden cover for backing posts or contrasting strips of wood trim the top of a palisade fence can easily transform a functional fence into an aesthetic one.

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